To establish healthy and united churches who also establish heatlhy, united churches by reaching and working with the nationals through the founding, building, and outreach of a camp ministry in Santiago, Chile.  

"It has been said that in the next 10 years, Chile will be the next world power in sending out missionaries, they only need that extra push that a camp can bring." 


Simply fill out this CAMP SURVEY which will help with the building of the camp, just click the following link 


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Combining Church Planting & Camp In Chile

Bringing Together Church Planting & Camp Ministries

“Una Vida A La Vez” - “One Life At A Time”

                Many people ask us the question “how are you going to plant churches through a camp ministry?” We love to hear that question because we love to answer it.  The question leads to the very heart of church planting which is evangelism and discipleship.  It really is that simple.  Many times we answer this great question with a one of our own, “how would YOU plant a church?”  Typically we see people who want to start a church use strategies such as moving to an area where there is no church and starting the process to build relationships  in that community by doing something to meet people, in other words, they make contacts.  Perhaps they do it by starting kids clubs, or with the connections that their kids make at school with hopes of reaching the children then the parents.  Maybe they start a part time job where they rub shoulders and meet people in order to witness and win them to Christ in hopes of discipling them.  Or even start with a bang by passing out flyers and holding events that attract many people whether Christian or non-Christian to come to their new bible study which eventually grows into a church.  I even know one church planter who started a church through a basketball and volleyball league and now the church has 300 members and is nationally run.  What would be your “strategy” in starting a church?

                 Our answer is simple. We need to make contacts.  When we talk about a “church planting camp” we must first talk about church planting.  Church planting (and the Christian life) is about spiritual multiplication.   Being fruitful and multiplying God’s children on this earth.  

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September 2012 - From Full-Time Job to Full-Time Pre-field Ministry

   Greetings!  We are in transition this as Jared has resigned from our full-time job in order to focus on Pre-field Ministry.  The Lord has blessed and we are currently at 65% support. 

    Pictures speak 1000 words so if you would like me to send you our prayer letter that has various pictures of what we have been doing on the weekends, traveling, preaching, teaching and singing, just email me at or give me a call (484) 651-9248.  We look forward to focusing on Pre-field Ministry and pray that the Lord will raise the rest of our support quickly as a result.  We ask for your prayers for this also!

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